At the cinema.

Yesterday I went to the cinema with my friend, to watch “Avengers. Endgame”.I must say, I wasn’t impressed. Yes, the special effects were great, but I don’t like comics and films based on them. I’m waiting for the 9th Star Wars Episode, although it probably annoys me anyway – I’m a fan of the original […]

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Common days

I have just found an excellent book, or rather a series of books by Stanley Eliot Morison, on the participation of the American Navy in the Second World War. And not many books on military operations in the Pacific have been published in my country. And now I divide my time between school and my […]

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Cross country run accident

Today I took part in a school cross-country race. The route ran in a forest near my school, circling the lake, the finish line was on the school school sports field. In my classification group (younger) sixty-four students ran, and the top five were promoted to regional competitions. I really wanted to get this promotion. […]

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